We are all about American Chinese classics and don’t pretend to be authentic in any way. What we can say is our food is so tasty it will make you go “HOLY %^& !!”.

1. Choose from our own house made noodles or our flavorful wok fired fried rice.
2. We throw in some veggies to keep it healthy!
3. Simply choose your protein.

"Where the CHOW is the MEIN thing”


Some may call this Lo Mein, some call it Hokkien style…we call them incredibly delicious. We wok-fire our noodles with healthy chinese cabbage, bean sprouts, garlic, ginger, scallions and our own blend of secret sauces of ancient origin. Please note this is vegetarian.


Our house special fried rice is packed with flavor and will certainly make for a happy family. We start off with a generous portion of jasmine rice. Expertly cooked by our chefs with just a touch of the wok’s fiery breath. We then add farm fresh eggs, spring onions, carrots and our own bit of magic. Please note this is vegetarian.


Orange Chicken Combo Meal
Crispy chicken tossed in a classic orange sauce with dried chilies, spring onions & sesame seeds

Sweet and Sour Pork Combo Meal
Crispy pork tossed in our special red sweet & sour sauce with pineapples, red onions and capsicum

Szechuan Beef Combo Meal
Wok fried beef in a spicy szechuan sauce with dried chillies, peppercorn, white onion and leeks

Sweet and Sour Fish Combo Meal
Crispy fish fillet in our special red sweet & sour sauce with pineapples, red onions and capsicum



Please note that our portions are generous and easily serve one very hungry person.

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