COVID-19 Protocol

It is our highest duty to ourselves and our community to do everything we can to help each other stay safe and healthy. Your health is our health.

These health and hygiene policies apply to everyone who work, deliver, or visit in our premises. We are all in this together.

Face masks are mandatory. Everyone is required to have face masks on. Face Shields are also mandatory for team members handling/working with food or customer contact items.

Health Declaration Form. Everyone, with each visit, will be asked to fill in this form. Our stores reserve the right to refuse entry to individuals unable to meet the criteria in the form.

Body Temperature Check. Everyone will be scanned for body temperatures via contactless thermometers and must meet the temperature criteria set by the department of health. The store reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone with a fever or other COVID-19 symptoms.

Social distancing. Everyone is asked to observe 1 to 2 meters of social distancing. Markers, tickers and such are available inside and outside each store as guide.

No Physical Contact. All physical contact (handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, etc.) are prohibited and/or avoided as much as possible. We will do everything we can to limit unnecessary contact while giving guests the assistance needed to safely order from our stores including contactless payment and curbside pick-up. Also, riders are not allowed to come into the restaurants.

Regular Sanitation and UVC Treatment. All shared surfaces and objects with high-touch points have a scheduled sanitation every 30 minutes.

Each activity is assigned its own designated area which undergoes complete sanitation periodically.

All touchpoints and services with customer contact shall be sanitized via a UVC wand. Hand sanitizers and 70% Ethyl Alcohol dispensers are made available for everyone.

Regular Handwashing. Everyone is enjoined to wash hands frequently. Team members in particular, are mandated to wash hands every 30 minutes.

Open and transparent communication. All information regarding the safety and hygiene measures that we are undertaking are easily and visibly available to everyone via signages, reminders, and floor markers all around the store.

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