Joe has been known to cook the best ribs around… in fact, every time we see Joe he tells us the story of how “today I made the best ribs ever”….good thing Joe shared his recipe and taught us how to make this sticky grub that will linger on your fingers!

All our combos come with creamy coleslaw, crispy fries and a soft roll - of course, we add a side of sauce with every order .... you even get the option to pig out and add a small order of killer mac n cheese for just Php 99.


Crispy Fried Chicken Combo Meal

Two Farm fresh chicken thighs marinated in buttermilk and double dipped in our own spiced flour and fried to perfection... served with creamy coleslaw, french fries and a soft roll.


Slab O’ribs Combo Meal

Slow cooked baby back ribs slathered with our own tangy bbq sauce... that weactually make in our kitchens... served with creamy coleslaw, french fries and asoft roll.


Griddle Spiced Chicken Combo Meal

Griddle roasted chicken with our own tangy and sticky bbq sauce… that weactually make in our kitchens...served with creamy coleslaw, french fries and asoft roll.


Side Orders

BBQ Sauce

Plain Rice

Garlic Rice


Soft Roll per piece

French Fries 


Please note that our portions are generous and easily serve one very hungry person.

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